Events not being recorded.

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Events not being recorded.

Post by samuel235 » Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:07 am

Good morning!

I've got myself a Raspberry Pi running MotionPie software and configured as a 'Fast Network Camera', essentially making it a IP camera. I then have that fed into a zoneminder server running at the moment on a Dell Power edge virtual box, but will be putting it onto another Raspberry PI within the near future. However, at the moment i've ran into an issue where the camera is detected fine, its showing up fine, its detecting fine (from what i can see from the log on the zoneminder homepage log anyway) BUT its not recording any events. The log shows that its recognizing them, just not recording it. I've checked i have installed the camera in Modect mode rather than just monitor, got one zone setup as the whole camera and set to active.

I've run out of troubleshooting ideas now and came to the one and only zoneminder forum. I hope someone could shine some light onto this issue for me, would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I've been playing around for the past couple of hours and come to the conclusion that i don't think it is picking up movement and therefor not creating an alarm/trigger to start recording. To come to this conclusion i have turned the camera into record profile, it then records. I then put it back into Modect mode and forced an alarm through the live view window, it started to record. So now I need to figure out why it isn't detecting movement on the camera.... I have played around with zones but no luck what so ever. Anyone got an idea to through at me?

Thanks in advance, Sam.

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