How to run Zoneminder inside Mininet!!

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How to run Zoneminder inside Mininet!!

Post by guzzarish » Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:35 pm

I'm trying to run Zoneminder inside a Mininet host, without any luck (BTW, Zoneminder runs on top of Apache2).

I can only open Zoneminder when I use my native machine's IP address, and not the mininet host's IP address. If I type in the mininet host's IP address on the address bar, it says it's unable to connect to the server. However, when I type in my native machine's IP address, I see Apache2's Default Page, which means that Apache2 is running, but not inside the mininet host. What I want is that I can run Zoneminder (which means that I should run Apache2 and see its default page as well) using Mininet's IP address.

What I did is to open Firefox through root inside Mininet host (such that when I type localhost, it actually means the IP address of the Mininet host), and then tried typing the IP addresses.

I tried changing the IP address that Apache2 is to host, but it always gives me a DNS error whenever I use the mininet host's IP address, saying that it does not exist.

I did a native installation of mininet in my machine. My machine is a Linux Mint 18 Sarah, which runs on Ubuntu 16.04. My Zoneminder version is 1.32.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

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